Thursday, 22 September 2011

Elizabeth Warren: The Face of the Enemy

Harvard business professor and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren blows the cover off the Marxist agenda in America:

What this covetous harpy doesn't understand is that the very state of the economy today is entirely due to her kind of thinking, which is called Fascism. She would pick the winners and losers in the corporate world according to who "pays forward" the highest tribute to government. She thinks that everything you produce belongs to government, which is why she got into politics in the first place, because that's where she gets to take from you, to rob from you. Government is where she gets the power to rob you of your time on Earth; your labor, your property, in fact your very liberty, because whatever you do, whatever you produce with your time and your labor and your creativity is hers first - then she will decide how much she will give back to you.

This is the face of the Left in America today. What's yours is theirs, and they will take it by any means necessary, including sending "marauding bands" to harass you, to threaten you and then, if you refuse to submit, destroy you and your property, because if they can't have it, if they can't seize it in service to their nefarious purposes, they will punish you; they will destroy it so that you can't have it either. If they can't take it by other means, they will simply tear it down so that it no longer exists, with the raw intent of snuffing out your ambitions lest they be dashed again by their plunder.

Only then will they be happy for the briefest of moments, because they will have wrought vengence in the name of their hatred for your success and the freedoms you have derived from it.

But that happiness is not really happiness at all. It's nothing more than a moment of relief from their innate sense of envy and greed. It's a spasm, the lowliest of satisfactions, no more fulfilling than that derived from any other form of rape.

So, inevitably, they soon once again marshall their hatred and envy, stoke it back into that burning rage on which they thrive, and ride off in search of their next victims, whom they have labelled for their marauders with their poisonous propaganda. These are the new marauders, same as the old marauders. You see their crimes every day in the newspapers and every night on the evening news, announcing their next program in the name of the public good, when it is really just their latest pretense for robbing the individual of his God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These are the enemies we must fight, from Obama in the White House on down to that snivelling little ideologue in your local town council. All must be driven from the public trough and the positions of power they so abuse, all of them, once and for all. For they are your enemies.

Not your "opponents" - your enemies.

And they are coming for you.

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