Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Misreading Sarah, Again

God bless her, she does know how to get things going. Tonight Sarah Palin guested on Greta Van Susteren to opine on the Republican primary campaign and other matters.

Post interview, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit seemed to think that Palin was dissing Cain. I didn't hear it that way, so I went back and reviewed the interview, the relevant portion of which Hoft has at his site. To be fair to Jim Hoft, I don't believe his editing was in any way intended to distort the exchange or to change the meaning of Palin's words. But I do believe he honestly misread them.

First, remember Greta’s question to Palin: “How does a politician connect with the people and get it across so that it doesn’t sound like “blah blah blah”? I believe Mr. Hoft misconstrued Palin's response as a shot at Cain.

Palin’s answer begins at :25 in Hoft's post, when she describes Greta’s hypothetical politician as having “a foundation of having come from the real people”, and then goes on to describe how Cain fits that bill. I took her “flavor of the week” comment as a knock on the MSM for their manipulative approach to reporting the Republican primary campaign, similar to Mark Levin’s challenge to their ranking of Romney and Perry as the only top tier candidates when neither one has even won a straw poll. Whereas Bachmann and now Cain have. In other words, don’t listen to the MSM.

Then Palin does nothing BUT extoll Herman Cain’s virtues as an experienced, honest and forthright conservative candidate who is “comfortable in his own skin”, and that that is why he is connecting with Americans.

I don’t see a problem here at all.

Calling Herman Cain "Herb"?


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