Monday, 3 October 2011

Breitbart Strikes Again: Photos show Obama marched with New Black Panther Party in 2007

Andrew Breitbart at Big Government has posted exclusive photos of Obama campaigning with the New Black Panthers back in 2007:
New photographs obtained exclusively by reveal that Barack Obama appeared and marched with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Alabama in March 2007.

The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media’s failure to examine Obama’s extremist ties and radical roots.

In addition, the new images raise questions about the possible motives of the Obama administration in its infamous decision to drop the prosecution of the Panthers for voter intimidation.

The images, presented below, also renew doubts about the transparency of the White House’s guest logs–in particular, whether Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is the same “Malik Shabazz” listed among the Obama administration’s early visitors.
Here are three of the photos:

Read the entire post, which also has interesting info about Department of Justice whistleblower J. Christian Adams' new book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department (Regnery).

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